Academy History

ISAT in Syria


Identify new potential centers to organize, establish and run permanent football academy centers in different regions of the country and disseminate ISAT Football Academy plans and objectives.To coach football to boys and girls from 7 to 19 years old and increase the number of participants and categories accordingly to field availability and budget.To build professional football players from a young age.Promote cultural and sports exchange programs with partner countries like Argentina, Brazil, Spain,ect

Organize Seminars

To prepare and capacitate local coaches at international standard.

To teach about how to prevent the use of drugs and its consequences on and off the field and the dangers of drugs addiction.

On youth social responsibilities, health, personal hygiene education, Second Step curriculum implementation, disaster management awareness, first aids, Child Safety Protection and Social Emotional Learning.

PSS and Emotional Support

Teaching of social Emotional Learning skills to coaches, parents and players.

Implement and educate others about Child Safety Protection Policies.

Implement an official curriculum of Second Step on Character Education, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Child Safety Protection.

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