AS Sweida

The educational academic program after the first year of training for the Academy in Sweida

Complementing the academy’s educational program and after the first experimental year of the academy in Suwayda, achieving excellent results
The #secondstep tutorial course has launched
Second step social_emotional learning program designed to transform schools into supportive, suc
The second step is the Social and Emotional Learning Program designed to transform schools into supportive, successful ones
In the presence of the Director of the Education Department at the Academy, Priscilla Pederso, with 22 years of experience in education
He started working with the trainers as a first step to finish this course. After passing the exams, the trainer gets an accredited certificate. He increases his experience by dealing with children, protecting them, and addressing their smallest problems to be able to succeed in all areas of life.
After qualifying the educational staff, work begins to rehabilitate our young heroes and work with them on the social-emotional learning program
To build an integrated #youth_generation capable of facing all challenges and succeeding in all tasks entrusted to it
#Esat_Soccer_Academy is the only one that holds the golden license in As-Suwayda and participates in all Syrian league and cup championships

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